Vlog Episode 2

January 08, 2018-January 28,2018

So here is episode 2 of my triathlon training VLOG.  It was supposed to be from January 08 to the 14th, but a ski trip vacation to Breckenridge Colorado kind of got in the way.  2 days of training out of 7 days wouldn’t be very interesting(if all of the days is even interesting :p) so I went ahead and combined the training after I returned from vacation.

A few things to add to the VLOG episode.

This past week I did a 15 mile time trial to see how my training has been helping me improve since I initially started training.  I talk a little about doing the workout, but don’t update on the findings. So the update….I have no idea.  Either I did the workout wrong, or Tridot needs a little manual elbow grease in order to spit out some data for me.  So I will send an email to the Tridot folks to see how to update my bike assessment.

I also did a 5k time trial to see how my running fitness is compared to my initial assessments.  I’m pretty confused at the findings as I ran a faster time than my initial assessment, but somehow my calculated threshold got slower?  So it was a little deflating to see my run score drop when I feel as though I’m getting a little more comfortable running.  Of course it didn’t help that the shoes I wore for that time trial were really painful for me.  Maybe that’s my small bit of light that I’m not that terrible of a runner!

Ok, I think those were the only 2 updates I wanted to provide to follow up with the episode.  Other than that, thanks for the watch and until next week!(Which I can already foresee some interference in next weeks workout!)


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