The beginning of my journey

The beginning of my journey has been…rough to say the least.   It started off pretty good actually.   I had to take 5 people,  with a total of 9 large suitcases, 5 carry ons, and my gigantic Thule bike carrier to the airport in one vehicle.   I was afraid this would be my first bump in the road, but thankfully everything fit perfectly in the 15 passanger van that I rented.   

We got to the airport and here is where I got another pleasant surprise. Since my bike was over 50 pounds I expected that I would have to pay a 100 dollar over weight fee to ship my bike to the Phillipines on the plane with me.  But when I brought my bike to the counter they didn’t bat an eye! They took my bike and away it went to meet me in the Phillipines. 

We got through security with no problems either and we waited for our flight and I made sure I had everything I needed to make it through the 14 hour flight to Korea.  You may be reading this thinking…so far the start of your journey has been pretty good! Where did it get rough?

That part came 7 hours into the flight.  As nice as planes have become now a days,  they still aren’t very comfortable for sleeping.  I had a difficult time trying to get in a position so I could get a few hours of sleep.   For some reason my knees ached and so did my back and elbows.   I tossed and turned but no luck.  7 more hours to go.   My head started to hurt and my joints ached even more.   I figured it was the cramped sitting position I was in and the lack of sleep that was making me feel bad.   Just a few more hours to go.   The plane had Batman vs Superman on so I turned that on to kill some time. The beginning was actually so boring I fell asleep for maybe an hour! Yay!  I woke up finished the movie and we were finally in Korea.  We got through security and went to our gate for our last flight to Cebu.  It was a 6 hour layover so we had time to kill.  Everyone else wanted to wander and explore.  All I wanted to do was lie down and try to sleep.  My whole body ached now,  my head hurt and so did my throat.  It was pretty clear to me that I was getting sick…but I didn’t realize how sick.   My body kept aching. It was finally time to board our flight to Cebu and I was already miserable.   Thankfully no one sat next to me on this flight so I was able to try and lie down.   No matter what I did I couldn’t make my joints not ache and I felt worse by the minute.   I couldn’t even eat my food once it was brought to me. I just wanted to sleep.   

We arrived in Cebu at 12:30am.  We had been traveling for over a day,  I felt terrible, and wanted so badly to be in bed.   Still we had to get through customs and get our luggage.   Hopefully my bike arrived.  I had heard so many nightmare stories about bikes not arriving with their owners on plane rides.   Thankfully it was the first thing we saw sitting on the ground waiting for us.  Woo hoo! Way to go Korean Airlines for getting my bike to me!  Everyone quickly gathered up the rest of our luggages, I couldn’t even help.   I was sitting on the floor just trying to keep it together.   

With all of our luggages we rolled out of the airport to find our family waiting for us.  We hadn’t seen them in years so it was very good to see them. And my fiance who had arrived 2 weeks before me was there so it was very exciting to see her. But at the same time my temperature started to rise and I was getting worse.   We got in cars to head to our place in Cebu.  I had a high fever and my body ached and chills coursed through me

I tried to retreat to my bedroom, but sleep still wouldn’t come. My fever was high.   Thankfully Hadel is a trained nurse so she had to treat me as her patient.   It took a while, but my fever finally broke and I passed out.   That, unfortunately wasn’t the end.   For the next 24 hours my fever kept coming back and my throat was hurting even worse.   We had a lot of plans for my first day there, but had to cancel them so I could try and rest.   I slept for close to 18 hours and could barely eat anything.   I wonder how this will affect my race in 2 weeks?  But first thing is first…to get better for the wedding.  Last thing I want is to be sickly and feverish or with a throat that hurts so bad I can’t eat any of our nice food!! 

So here’s hoping I kick this nasty sickness that I have by Saturday so we can get married in peace!

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