Friday Frustration

It’s less than a month to go before my big race in Cebu, Philippines.  I set out on Friday to get in a long run – around 2 hours or so.  I had my Yeti packed with cold drinks and some food so I could really take my time and have all the supplies I needed.


I headed out to Memorial Park early on Friday morning and started out on my first lap.  My first lap was going to be 4 miles.  I like to start at the Tennis Courts and work my way East and then head over to Starbucks on Memorial Drive.  Lately on my runs my calves have felt very tight, but around 1 mile loosen up and I can run comfortably.  The same seemed to be happening on this run with tight calves at mile 1.  I turned onto Memorial Dr, and felt my left calf stinging a little more than I was used to.  I slowed down a bit and made it to mile 2 at Starbucks.  I tried stretching my left calf a bit and decided to take it really slow back in to finish my first lap.

I maybe ran half a mile and I knew I was pushing my calf.  I struggled with a Grade 1 calf strain on my right calf going into Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Galveston, and I didn’t want the same issues going into the Cobra Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in Cebu!  So I called it quits on the Friday run.  I still needed to get in a 60 mile bike ride on Saturday so I didn’t want to completely injure my body.

I went home a little upset that I couldn’t finish my workout, but satisfied in knowing that I stopped myself before I actually got injured which would require me to completely stop training.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and preparing for the trip to the Philippines.  I left the house a few hours later, in the afternoon, and drove away from the house.  I remembered I had forgotten something in the house so I turned the car around and went back home.  I parked in front of the house and planted my left foot on the ground and felt my left calf POP! I caught myself on my right foot and the panic started to set it.  I tried to put weight on my left foot again and couldn’t.  Whelp…the day is officially over.  I quickly went inside threw on a compression sleeve on my calf and iced it and elevated it.  😦 My race is coming up so quickly, I hope this injury heals up fast.  Looks like my tapering is starting a week early.

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