Houston, Heat, and Humidity


I have always struggled in the Summer.   I used to think I was just out of shape because. ..well I didn’t do anything in the Winter months so of course I’m out of shape.   This year is a little different.

I feel like I should be in good shape. I’ve been working out pretty consistently since November of 2015.  That’s 7 months of pretty decent exercise plus an Ironman 70.3 mixed in there.


Today I went on a run to celebrate Global Running Day.  I made it 2 miles into a slow run and felt tired, weak, hot,  and just overall miserable. I slowed to a walk to collect myself and then attempted to finish my run.  I didn’t make it very far.   I couldn’t believe it.   Not long ago I had completed an Ironman 70.3. I’ve done several longer runs this past month and I’ve seen my times getting faster.  There had to be another reason other than I’m just out of shape.

I took some time and started reading about humidity and running.

I found this article


That basically mirrored how I was feeling.  I sweat a ton when I workout.   Since Houston is so humid in the Summer, my body isn’t able to cool down and my body has to work harder and gets into anaerobic mode instead of aerobic.

This will be a whole new situation for me to overcome.  I know Cebu will be just as hot and humid in August when I’m there for the Cobra Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship.   I need to start figuring out ways to adjust, adapt, and cope with the heat and humidity.   All feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

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