Time to get back in the pool


I haven’t been in the pool since Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas 70.3.     That’s like a month and a half of not swimming.   My biggest focus going into the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship is to greatly improve my running. My hope was that running and cycling would keep my fitness level high enough that I wouldn’t need too much time in the pool.

During my work trip to Orlando, I was able to get in a few runs.  Before my conference one day I was also able to get in some time in the hotel pool.  Normally the pool is full of kids playing water volleyball and screaming around,  but I was lucky to have the large pool all to myself.   It wasn’t a lap pool but there was a long enough stretch to get some decent swimming in.  I probably swam 100 meters and I could feel my shoulders and triceps getting upset with me.   It was at that point I realized I should probably swim more during the week.

I wanted to start off slow on the swim.  This morning I hopped in the pool.  I expected my arms to hate me again like they did the other day in Orlando.   I was surprised that 100 meters in my arms felt good!   I took a breather and then did another 100 meters.  I could feel my muscles were warming up and getting used to the motions again.   I finished 1000 meters and felt that would be enough for my first swim workout.   I feel better knowing my body still remembers how to swim and I feel like I can continue to focus on my running, but will swim more often to make sure my muscles are used to the motions and don’t fatigue on me in Cebu

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