Working out while on work trips


Once upon a time I was a much better runner than I am now.   Then I got a new job.  This job required me to travel 4 days a week for about 3 weeks in a month.  I loved traveling for work.  I love visiting other cities, states, and I even got to go to another country on one trip.  It’s a great opportunity, unless you want to train.

My schedule went something like wake up at 6am, work until 8 or 9, and then find a local place to eat dinner and then back to the hotel to pass out.  I found some really cool local places to eat.  I wish I had a blog at the time cuz I probably could have written about some places.   And the awesome food took it’s toll on me in the form of about 30 extra pounds.

By the time I would get back to hotel I would be too tired to do anything other than pass out.  When I returned home I needed to catch up on house maintenance and laundry and regular work and then it was back on the road again.


As I type this,  I am in the airport awaiting my flight to Orlando for a 4 day conference.   So far the conference schedule looks to have me occupied from about 6:30am until 9pm.  I want to really try to make sure I get in at least a few runs during this trip and maybe a swim.  Not sure what to do about bike workouts.

So my question to you readers: how do you maintain your training schedule when you travel for work? What do you do different from your normal schedule? How do those differences effect you?  What can you do to keep up some normalcy in your training schedule? What do you do about cycling?

Stay tuned for updates on what I’m capable of doing while on my work trip

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