A Friday long run

I love 9/80 work schedules!  It’s a work schedule where you put in an extra hour of work everyday, but in return you get every other Friday off! This has been great for me to get in a long workout on the weekday.   Today I aimed for a 13 mile run.

I went out on my run and kept a slow pace.  Really in all of my training I never really ran over 8 miles.  Mostly because I hate running, but if I actually want to be a better triathlete I need to step up my running game.  So I wanted to go slow to make sure I didn’t blow up and not complete the workout.

The run started pretty well I thought.  The area I had chosen for my run was a 6 mile loop around a lake.  This let me run without carrying any water bottles,  I would just run a loop, refuel at the car and go again.   One of my big issues at Ironman Texas 70.3 was that I was constantly peeing.  Apparently my in take of water was way too frequent so I wanted to experiment with less fluid intake to see if I could keep going while drinking less.  I also wanted to see if maybe the Hornet Juice I drink before a long run was the problem.

I finished the first loop with no real issues.  I stopped by the car and drank some GU Roctane and a few more sips of Hornet Juice.   I also took a bite from my Amrita bar.  I still felt pretty good but being only 6 miles in I knew my body would be ok with that.  Thankfully no need to use the restroom either! So far all the experiments were going pretty well.

As I took off to do another loop I started to realize how hot it was getting.  My Zoot visor was soaked and I was still pouring sweat.   I was already half a mile from the car but in my mind I thought I really should have brought a water bottle with me.   A few more miles in I could feel that I was getting pretty thirsty.   I was around the 8 mile mark so I also knew my body would be getting pretty tired.  I stopped in some shade to nibble on another piece from my Amrita bar and tried to let my body recover more.  Most likely my body was starting to dehydrate and my blood was beginning to get thicker because after 8 miles was pretty miserable.   My heart rate was rising very quickly and even slowing my pace way down could not get my heart rate to lower.  I started to run /walk and by this point I just wanted the work out over with.


I took some shorter routes to get back to the car quicker.   I thought if I got some more liquid in me I could probably finish the workout.   By the time I reached the car I was at 10 miles and my left knee was starting to hurt a little bit.   I decided to end the workout there.  It was better for me to end the workout then push myself and possibly injure myself in the process.  There would be no benefit on pushing to injury.  So at least I got in a long run.  My longest training run this season so far.  I’ll continue to build on it!

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